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Telecommunications Solutions & Telephone Systems Installed In Surrey, London & Across The South East


Your One Stop Solution For Telecoms Installation And Management

Chesterfield Associates offers a broad range of telecommunications services, from the planned management of integrating new technology into your business to telephone system installation in Surrey, London and the South East.
Below you will find a list of all of our telecommunications services..

  • PBX Telephone systems, installation, and maintenance
  • Hosted telephone systems and VoIP solutions installations and support
  • Infrastructure services such as CAT5, CAT6 and fibre cable installations
  • Internet connectivity such as broadband and private leased line circuits
  • Call management and call recording solutions
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions
  • Installation of CCTV/Access Control

Ongoing Support, Maintenance & Telephone System Installation In Surrey, London & Across The South East

Chesterfield Associates offers telecommunications solutions and planned management of the installation and implementation of new telephone lines and broadband cables. We oversee all projects, working closely with clients to make sure that we minimise any disruptions and get your communications back up and running in as little time as possible.

We also offer on going support, with professional diagnostic tools and the engineering ability to maintain your phone lines and telecommunications technology.

VOiP can be implemented in two ways depending on your requirements


VOiP stands for ‘voice over internet protocols’. It is a new method of communication such that instead of using traditional telephone lines, voice messages are sent down a broadband circuit, in packets of information, emerging at the other end as a conversation. Therefore, instead of installing analogue or digital telephone lines, we would recommend installing a broadband circuit which will be configured to carry a specific number of simultaneous calls to meet your requirements. VOiP is a cost-effective system as it offers an organisation the capability of consolidating communications between offices at reduced costs.

VOiP can be implemented in two ways depending on your requirements.

Telecommunications Company in London and Surrey.

For basic communication simply connect our routing adaptors, with their handsets, to existing broadband connections and start conversing with other offices. This application is ideally suited for point-to-point connections such as offices to home workers or inter-branch for voice traffic. With no need for expensive hardware you can also connect to your existing phone system and dial out using a pre configured VoiP handset shipped straight to site and ready to go, just plug in to your existing router and start talking.

The second application involves the connection and installation of a VOiP enabled telephone system. This is where quality of communication is of paramount importance either between your own sites / branches or making outside calls across the Public Telephone Network. In this instance, a site survey would be essential to determine your requirements.

Call Logging and Recording

Used in a wide variety of business sectors our PC based solution provides call centres with a simple and reliable method of logging, monitoring or analysing calls, or even using them for training purposes.

Panasonic’s recording solution is the most cost effective on the market. The FSA guidelines state that all calls have to be recorded, and installing recording software to a traditional telephone system is a service that we can provide. Voicemaster provides a powerful feature list to meet all recording requirements. These include live monitoring, search and playback, instant recall, storage and archiving, quality control and reporting and file management.

Installed and configured on any PC you can tailor your own logging system. Recording all details of a phone call, including the time in which it took to answer, the length of the call, the administrator of the call, and the recipient’s number; this is a great feature to use in a business premises which has a sharing phone system. In this way, a call logger can be attached to the phone system and it can bill other people using the system.

Alternatively, you can choose from one of our recording turnkey systems such as a mini or mid tower PC, industrial rack mount, or a portable system with built in monitor, keyboard and mouse.



Adding Voice Mail and Auto Attendant systems to your telephone system will allow you to record send and retrieve messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by helping you to handle your telephone system traffic and internal communication needs in an efficient manner.

From basic solutions to full voice processing systems, voice mail solutions can help your business keep in contact with your customers and streamline how incoming calls are handled.

At Chesterfield, we offer advice on how voice mail connected to your existing telephone system, can benefit your business in today’s busy working environment.

Messaging on Hold

We offer a ‘Messaging on Hold’ feature to add to your telephone system, aiming to maximise productivity from your telephone system whilst customers are on hold. The advanced features are simple and easy to use providing you with the opportunity to sell to your customer whilst on hold and increase sales by cross selling.

Messaging on Hold is an increasingly popular feature, as in conjunction with background music, it is the perfect opportunity to improve your business efficiency by providing clients with your latest advertisements for the product and services you provide, as proven by its continued everyday use by an increasing number of companies to promote.


We Offer Project Management & Training 

As part of our consultancy service, we offer project management that oversees the design and implementation of new telecoms solutions as well as the training needed to use new telecoms technology to minimise your businesses downtime.

Our Preference For Panasonic Telecoms Technology

Panasonic have proven themselves over many years to be the most reliable and flexible telephone system, and that is why at Chesterfield we mainly use Panasonic technology. Panasonic accommodate existing and forward-thinking technology, ready to facilitate the up and coming changes. These changes can be very easily implemented in the current system; even after several years they can be updated to conform to the regular technology advancements. This, along with the ease of use and reliability are the preeminent reasons for choosing to use Panasonic. Contiguous to our Panasonic recommendation, we do alternatively offer traditional PDX phone systems or technology of hosted solutions, both of which are VOiP compatible.

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